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Peloton: Turnaround Plan or Growth Plan 

Peloton’s new CEO, Barry McCarthy, recently reported to analysts on his turnaround plan. He stated that a turnaround plan is hard work. He said that in turnaround situations there are always a lot of surprises. He said the turnaround would take a lot of time. If he was looking for support, he did not receive […]

Brand Leadership And The Courage To Commit

Many times, brand-businesses have insights about the future but do not find the courage to act on these insights. Lack of courage occurs for a number of reasons. Costs, fear of failure, complacency, the comfort of manufacturing what the business knows how to make rather than what solves customers’ problems, a chief of manufacturing who […]

Netflix Finally Stops Believing What Worked Yesterday Will Work Today

There is a brand-business truism that states: Believing That What Worked Yesterday Will Work Today is Brand-Business Destructive. At some point, top executives and Boards of Directors need to face the music in a changing brand-business landscape. They need to stop doing what worked in the past. Problems arise when the strategic plan is to […]

The Revitalization Of Barnes & Noble

Recently, The New York Times ran a lengthy story about the revitalization of Barnes & Noble, the last book megastore on the American retail landscape. Although some still question the future of the brand, there is no question that Barnes & Noble has come back from the brink.  In August of 2019, activist hedge fund […]

A Brand’s Frontline Is its Goldmine

Employees are the frontline when it comes to customer relationships and delivering the brand experience.  This is especially true in a service business. Investing in a brand’s people should always be a priority. In March 2022, Starbucks changed its CEO. Kevin Johnson who became CEO in 2017, announced that he was leaving. Mr. Johnson was […]

JC Penney Aims to Adore its Core

There is nothing like a core customer. Core customers already know what is great about your brand. Core customers are valuable assets. In branding, your priority must be to adore your core.  But, apparently, core customer retention is just not as exciting or attractive to most marketers. They are always chasing the next, most contemporary, […]

Kohl’s And Activists Acting Badly

Activist investors are circling Kohl’s, the largest department store chain in the US.  The activists’ complaints focus on Kohl’s share price not doing as well as they wish. In other words, Kohl’s activist investors are not making as much money as they would like to make. These investors are pushing for an entirely new Board […]

Champion of Breakfast

Let’s talk about breakfast. Coronavirus changed our work habits. Goodbye to the commute. Hello to Zoom and Google Duo. Goodbye to that brewed Venti. Hello to instant coffee. Breakfast at fast food restaurants took a big hit. However, Wendy’s breakfast – a newcomer to the morning meal – managed to leverage itself into a breakfast […]

Rescuing A Brand By Reimagining Its Purpose: Kirin and Innovation

In our fast-changing, volatile world, brands need customer-insight driven innovation. Innovation breathes life into brands. Innovation keeps brands relevant in the eyes of customers. But, not all innovations need be inventions. Some innovations can be reimagining existing processes and technologies for new uses. Innovation is the use of a better, and as a result, new […]

Brands and Warnings Labels: Europe’s Nutri-Score and Lessons From The US

Beginning in 2017, Nutri-Score, the European food labeling system, went into effect.  Nutri-Score is a color-coded, front-of-pack labeling system created to alert consumers to the nutritional content of food. Nutri-Score is a red light-green light approach that the EU hopes will help consumers make better food decisions. According to FoodNavigator.com, Nutri-Score ranks food stuffs from […]