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Becoming a Great Brand

When times are tough, people look for brands upon which they can rely. People look for brands they can trust. This is why now is an excellent time to aim for brand greatness.  Grand greatness has several basic components. Without these, the brand cannot be on the road to greatness. First, be popular. Great brands […]

The Corporate Branded Portfolio And Purina

If you read or skimmed the recent issue of National Geographic, you saw throughout the magazine one of the best examples of a Corporate Branded Portfolio. The Corporate Brand is Purina, the pet nutrition and pet welfare company. The Branded Portfolio is some of our most well-known pet brands including Purina Alpo, Purina Bella, Purina […]

Brand Loyalty Is Not Dying

Brand loyalty is not dying. But, you would not know this if you are paying attention to the business press. Recently, there have been many articles describing the impact of higher prices and lack of product availability on brand loyalty. These articles and opinions state that when consumers do not see their favorite brand due […]

Marketing’s Greatest Sin

Here is marketing’s greatest sin: there is no legal definition of a brand. Everyone speaks about protecting their brands. But, it is difficult to protect something when it is not a legal entity. Imagine you are embroiled in a legal case.  Your brand is under attack. Imagine that you invite a branding guru as an […]

The CMO Must Be The Voice Of The Customer

The primary role of the CMO is to be the voice of the customer for the brand-business. The CMO embodies the customer informing the organization. Customer understanding and insight generation are the CMO’s highest priorities. Sure, the CMO has numerous other functions these days. But, being the voice of the customer must be the number […]

Covid-19 Killed Either/Or

Demographers say that aside from an apocalyptic event, demography is destiny. A global pandemic can be considered an apocalyptic event. Covid-19 did not just eliminate the lives of millions worldwide. In developed nations, Covid-19 upended or fast-tracked existing trends that have now changed the landscape of dozens of categories. The effect on brand-businesses has been […]

Mercedes-Benz’ New Strategy May Be Flawed

There is angst in Stuttgart, Germany. The executives at Mercedes believe that Mercedes has lost its luxury caché. Part of this concern has to do with its brand image. And, part of this has to do with its valuation in the eyes of investors and analysts. It seems that Mercedes is troubled that it is […]

Streaming Brands Are Scavenger Brands

Streaming brands have become scavenger brands. Streaming brands are focused on scavenging for new subscribers with little focus on current customers. Scavenger brands survive by relentlessly seeking larger subscriber numbers to satisfy investors and analysts. Scavenger brands are the hunters and gatherers of the modern age. A streaming brand’s stock price and image are dependent […]

Peloton: Turnaround Plan or Growth Plan 

Peloton’s new CEO, Barry McCarthy, recently reported to analysts on his turnaround plan. He stated that a turnaround plan is hard work. He said that in turnaround situations there are always a lot of surprises. He said the turnaround would take a lot of time. If he was looking for support, he did not receive […]

Brand Leadership And The Courage To Commit

Many times, brand-businesses have insights about the future but do not find the courage to act on these insights. Lack of courage occurs for a number of reasons. Costs, fear of failure, complacency, the comfort of manufacturing what the business knows how to make rather than what solves customers’ problems, a chief of manufacturing who […]