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Niche to Normal: Quick Service Chains Address Meatless Meals

Buckets of the Colonel’s chicken-less chicken? Signature Chipotle Bowls with pork-less pork? Yes, these two behemoth quick service restaurant brands are leading the way to meatless. It has been 50 years since the publication of Frances Moore Lappé’s seminal food bible, Diet For a Small Planet. Ms. Lappé’s book was a consciously and conscientiously coherent […]

2021 Has Ended: It Is 2022. Wouldn’t It Be Great If…?

Rather than make a list of 2022 predictions, here are five brand opportunities for brand leaders. Think of this as a list of “Wouldn’t it be great if…” scenarios. Wouldn’t It Be Great if There Were A Brand Offering Accessible Luxury Jewelry Again? According to The Wall Street Journal, Tiffany’s French owner, LVMH, wants to […]

Real Change Requires a Challenger Mindset

It is the end of year 2021.  Time Magazine and Financial Times both selected Elon Musk as person of the year. There is a lot to be said for Mr. Musk’s selection. After all, he changed the automotive category. His vision and impressive focus created a future in which he wins and all other entries […]

Dollar Tree: A Brand Is What You Make It, Not What You Call It

Brands are dynamic. Great brand leadership evolves brands in order for brands to stay relevant and differentiated in the customer’s mind. Just because a brand evolves to deliver its promise in a more relevant, differentiated manner does not mean the brand must change its name.  Pizza Hut sells more than pizza. UPS (United Parcel Service) […]

Peloton’s Three Marketing Must-Do’s

Apparently, Peloton is losing its shine. Press reports indicate that Peloton’s shares are down as are investors’ hopes. Now that cities and towns are open, why workout from home anymore?  Peloton will need to work harder to generate new customers. And, the brand could risk losing some of its current customers.  Answers to Peloton’s dilemma […]

Hertz Bets On An Accessible Tomorrow In Which We All Will Win

This is surprising news. If any legacy automotive company were to have a clear, concise, inspirational vision about the future it would be Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company became successful because its founder, Henry Ford, had an incredible vision. Simply put, Henry Ford saw a future where everyone who makes a car would be […]

Friendly’s Faces the Future

Recently, Friendly’s, the 80 year old east coast, family-friendly restaurant known for its ice cream creations and flavors, along with signature sandwiches, burgers and other main courses, hired a new advertising agency. The new advertising agency will help Friendly’s transform itself into a modern, fast-casual restaurant that is more in touch with our “on-the-go’ dining behaviors. […]

The Future of Marketing

Marketing needs a new business purpose. Without a new business purpose, marketing will have no purpose. Instead of a profession, marketing has become a trade: the trade of managing and executing marketing and media tactics. Marketing has fallen in love with the increasing number of communication channel opportunities, social media, entertainment, events, online and so […]

Forget Resilience, The Future of Business Is Accountability

For several years, the business press and business books have promoted the idea of resilience. The notion of a resilient enterprise or a resilient brand has been bandied about one of the goals of business management and leadership. Resilience is now beyond a buzzword: it is a critical and desired characteristic.  Resilience is important. The […]