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Reebok Should Take A Page From Skechers’ Playbook

As reported in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, athletic shoe brand Reebok, recently orphaned by Adidas, has a new owner: Authentic Brands Group, Inc. Authentic Brands is known for the rejuvenation of mismanaged, once wonderful brands.  One of the questions raised in the press focuses on whether Reebok should revitalize its original brand promise or whether Reebok should […]

Trustworthy Brand Value Is An Imperative

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing brands to raise prices. General Mills, Chipotle, P&G and others are planning for or already implemented price increases. With fraught supply chains, climatic distresses and overall uncertainty, brands face hits to profitability as important parts and ingredients are less available.  Raising prices can be problematic. If a brand raises its […]

Kohl’s Approach Is The Way Forward For Department Stores

Department stores such as Macy’s, J.C. Penney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, for example, have faced troubled times over the past few years. Covid-19 did not help. Most department stores are seeking solutions that leverage America’s changing shopping habits such as delivery and pick-up. Amazon is reported to be entering the department store arena. But, how […]

An SEC Ruling Favors Brands

You may have missed an important brand-elevating event this month. On September 3rd , the SEC settled a case of financial finagling with Kraft Heinz. Kraft Heinz, home to some of America’s favorite brands, agreed to pay a fine of US $62 million. This fine is a result of a financial scheme designed to inflate […]

The Pursuit of Perception: The New Dimension of Personalization

Marketers: if you have not already reread your copy of Aldous Huxley’s, The Doors of Perception, now is the time. The trend of using planted-based psychedelics– that is, mushrooms – is once again a desired experience. That 1960’s “turned on, tuned in” experience of opening one’s inner doors to greater personal perceptiveness and universal understanding […]

Worn is Wonderful: The Future of Shopping

Online apparel resale is a robust category. Online apparel resale is the ability to sell and buy pre-worn clothing that is in good condition. It is also the experience of seeking and finding unique items that make a personal statement.  Most research indicates that the desire to shop online apparel resale is most popular among […]

Amazon’s Opportunity to Transform Department Stores

Recent reporting from The Wall Street Journal indicates that Amazon is considering opening a few department stores in Ohio and California. One of the key reasons for the decline of department stores is now opening department stores. The online mega-department store is investing in building physical department stores. Amazon is about to leverage its retailing […]

Changing Minds with Safe Freedom

We have a situation.  Many Americans refuse Covid-19 vaccines that will save their lives and the lives of others. Institutional pleas have failed to persuade these vaccine deniers. Scientific data are not working. Public health advertising is not making headway. Even seeing is not believing. According to reporting, not even the Delta-variant-near-death experience of her […]

Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and the Need for Brand Promise

In its recent earnings call, Beyond Meat, the brand of plant-based burgers, “meatballs”, “ground beef” and sausages, announced that its third-quarter sales forecast would be somewhat gloomy. Executives reported lower revenues suggesting that the company’s success might be cooling off the grill. Beyond Meat reported that its guarded outlook is due to “… losses of […]

Coronavirus and the Death Of Silo Management

If you spend any time talking about or reading about working from home, you may have noticed the focus tends to be on managing in the new hybrid workplace. Companies are contemplating different workplace scenarios. The office as we knew it will most probably change. There is something else that has changed as well.   […]