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Larry Light Guides Marketers Into 2021

2020 was a year of tumultuous changes for consumers and marketers alike. Larry Light uses his column in Forbes CMO Network to be a beacon of light for marketers heading into 2021. 2021: The Year Of The Package Along with the increase in bags, bottles boxes of takeout and deliveries the focus on sustainable packaging […]

Larry Light in Forbes CMO Network

Larry Light shares insights to help be a beacon of light for brands struggling in a ever changing world dominated by a global pandemic. Read some of his latest pieces now by clicking on the titles below! Retail’s New Approach To Saving Retail: Store-As-Showcase Retailers see small-format stores as the future of retail. Target led […]

Larry Light: Brand Insights on Pandemic Impacts & More

Take These Actions Now Or Lose Your New Customers Post-Pandemic Packaged goods food companies are performing beyond expectations. Will this sales lift last into the future? For enduring profitable growth, brands must not only build their quantity of sales but the quality of their sales. Here are four actions to help the fortunate sales lift […]

The Coronavirus Is Forcing Brands To Change

Arcature CEO Larry Light has recognized some serious implications resulting from the global pandemic and its impact on consumers, from how they work, eat, live and think. Brands, some of which are too big to react effectively, are struggling to keep up with these societal changes. Read some of Larry’s latest pieces in Forbes on […]

Old Is New, Denied Distinctiveness & More: The Latest from Larry Light’s Forbes.com Column

Larry Light sheds light on interesting marketing and branding news in his Forbes column on a weekly basis. Below is a roundup of some of his latest insights. Read them now! https://www.forbes.com/sites/larrylight/2020/08/31/old-is-new-erewhon-the-whole-earth-catalog-loop-and-blueland/#1a13769571e9″ target=”_blank”>Old Is New: Erewhon, The Whole Earth Catalog, Loop And Blueland In 1966, a year before the Summer of Love and two years […]

Marketing Industry Insights From Larry Light

We’ve rounded up some of Larry Light’s recent contributions to his Forbes column. Read a short blurb below and continue on the the articles to read more. Ford CEO Retires: Unable To Articulate A Clear And Consistent Vision It just took three years. Ford’s CEO Jim Hackett is retiring. In May 2017, Ford hired Jim […]

Larry Light’s Forbes.com Column Roundup

Larry Light’s latest pieces in Forbes have collectively been read by over 54,780 readers. They cover an array of marketing topics including the impacts of Covid-19, Ease of Choice, and more. See his latest headlines below. Macy’s And The 100th Anniversary Of The 19th Amendment At this 100-year anniversary for women’s right to vote, we […]

The Latest From Larry Light In Forbes CMO Network

Read the latest from Larry Light’s column on the Forbes CMO Network: Five Phases For Effective Brand Design Brand experiences are not positioned, they are designed. A Brand Design Process has 5 phases, all linked around customer insight and communicated through effective marketing. Think of this process as the circle of brand life. The 8 […]